What is 3D Visualization

Because I’ve been in the architectural visualization industry for so long I take for granted some of the terminology.  It often escapes me that layman do not typically use the terms “architectural visualization” or “3d rendering” on a daily basis.  When people ask me what I do for a living, I give the short answer of “graphic design for real estate”.  When pressed a little further, I will often explain that I do architectural rendering which I now inherently understand will go over their head.  I then give them ELI5 answer,

Architectural Rendering is essentially the pretty images you see for presale construction either online or on signs in front of the development.

More technically, 3d visualization is a general term used to describe the process of creating images through the use of 3D software, such as 3ds max or Maya.  It’s applications are essentially endless; however, the most common use is creating a 2D image of a building prior to it being built for the use of pre-sale marketing. Some other terms used to describe basically the same thing are:

  • 3D Rendering – Rendering is one of the final steps of creating 3D images (although the term 3D image is used, it is in fact a 2 dimensional image which is created out of a 3D environment, I know, it’s confusing).  When speaking about the computing process of rendering it refers to the calculation of light bounces, textures and shapes to create 2 dimensional images.  Rendering is also a term used in artistic applications such as shading while drawing.
  • Architectural Visualization (Arch Viz) – This is a mouthful of a term used to more specifically describe the creation of an image of a building.  Often architects will produce these images along with their 2D line drawings to give a clearer idea of what the building will look like in the real world.  These images act as a visual communication device to assist viewers and get across their idea more effectively.
  • Product Rendering – This term refers to creating 3D models of a new or existing project and creating images used for marketing or packaging.  Often times it is easier and more affordable to have a number of products created digitally as opposed to using product photography as there is no need to have the physical product present.
  • 3D animation/ Animated Walk Through – A 3D animation is simply a video of a 3D environment.  Each 3D animation is made up of 24-60 still images per second played in sequential order as though it were an old fashioned cartoon flip book.

Who Creates These Images?

3D Artists, 3D Modelers, 3D Renderers, Architectural Visualization Artists

If one is not overly familiar with who it is that creates these images, these are a few of the names or professions of the people who make the images.  Typically we are a blend of technically capable and creative types.  Because there are so many free options available worldwide to break into this profession there has been a surge in popularity world wide of these professions.  Out sourcing these jobs is common place however there are things to look out for when outsourcing.  There is a big difference between a professional 3D rendering artist and a hobbyist or a beginner.  In addition the style of work has a large fluctuation from country to country.  What is in style in India, where many outsource services derive from, may not necessarily be in style in America.  The golden rule in 3D rendering is you get what you pay for.  As someone who has been around the industry for a while I can essentially tell the country the architectural render came from just by looking at the image style.  For many people this is not a huge issue if budget is of the utmost importance. at the same time, we have seen a turn in the industry over the last few years where high quality and good services are worth more to people after they have tried the outsourcing route.

Who Needs 3D Rendering?

If you are planning to sell something before it is completed there is a good chance you need to have 3d renders created.  Architectural renders have been used for years to sell properties prior to ground being broken for decades now and it looks like the popularity is just going to increase.  As we begin to see an increasing amount of products like Virtual Reality more and more customers expect high quality walkthrough experiences of their potential home.  Manufacturers are beginning to understand the usefulness of having product visualizations created for their images now that they understand the creative freedom and price saving available.

Render Jump Rendering Services

Render Jump Rendering Services are of the highest quality, we have a mix of some of the most talented artists in the industry and boast some raving reviews.  Our 3D visualization services are second to none.  If you would like to book an appointment, feel free to shoot us an email.  We are currently in very high demand so we only do work which is something we consider portfolio worthy.